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04 Best Home Remedies To Remove Dark Eye Circles And Puffy Eyes

Dark circles around eyes and puffy eyes occur due to less sleeping, stress, low diet plan, crying, work load, weakness, illness etc.Many people these days have dark circles under their eyes. Dark circles can appear at any age, although it is more common among older people.dark circles can make you look older then your actual age.dark under aye circle and puffy eyes put bad impression on your general look.There are many expensive products and creams available in market to treat dark circle.These products and creams are made of chemical  and may harm your skin because skin around eyes is most sensitive skin of human body . These products and cream have temporary results and  only the waste of money.
i always suggest the use of natural ingredients and home remedies as there are being used over the centuries for beauty and skin care.Instead of covering up dark circle under eyes with make up make the situation worse.it  is  easy to get rid of dark circle using natural ingredients easily available in your kitchen at home.
Today i will share 04 best , most effective easy to prepare and use home remedies for dark eye circles removal.

1)  Rose Water

Rose water along with its fantastic odor also help reducing the dark under eye circle and puffy eyes.over the centuries rose water have been used for eyes pain, watering eyes and all kind of eye disease .rose water also soothe and rejuvenate tired skin. it is mild astringent, so it can work as a skin toner. 

How to Use

  • Take rose water in a bowl.
  • Just soak cotton pads in rose water for a few minutes
  • Let the soaked  pads sit on your fro some time and  eyelids.
  • Leave them for about 15 minutes.
  • Repeat this for 2 time  daily.
  • It will remove dark circle and tiredness of your eyes.

2)  Cucumber and  Lemon Juice

Cucumber is also most effective home remedy to get rid of dark under eye circle as it give cool sensation and sooth eye.

How to Use

  • Take cucumber and lemon juice in equal part.
  • Now take cotton ball and dip into this juice
  • Apply this pad under your eyes on dark circle softly and massage for some time
  • Leave the solution over there for 15 minutes
  • then rinse off with normal water
  • Do it for 2 time in a days and for 10-15 days till you get desire result  
  • But be careful don’t let juice go inside your eyes.

3)  Cold Compress

In the morning or evening or whenever u have free time ,apply a cold compress for about 10-15 minutes. If you have a mask you can keep in your fridge  to make it cool ad apply under your eyes.make this process 2-3 time in a day.that is  the easiest way to remove this dark circle 

4)  Tomato juice

Tomato juice              1 tea spoon
 Lemon juice               1 tea spoon

How to Use

  • Take a  small clean glass bowl.
  •  Mix both juice well.
  •  Take a cotton ball and dip into mixture deeply.
  •  Apply the mixture on  dark circle  and let it leave   for  10 to 15  minutes.
  •  Then wash your face with normal water
  •  Use two time a day,  till dark circle disappear       permanently.

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