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How To Treat Pimples With Aspirin, Remove Pimple Overnight

Teenage is the time when youngsters are anxious about their looks .Some of them find one or two pimples on face but many worries finding them on face.They may seek treatment from fake practitioners or use chemical products or cream but in result there skin damage more then before. Aspirin has anti-provocative Qualities which moisturize block pores of skin.It removes pus and relieve the pimples. Today I am going to tell you how you can use aspirin to remove your pimples easily and very fast.
You Need,

  • Aspirin
  • Water

    How To Prepare, Take 1 Aspirin tablet. Make powder by crushing tablet. Make paste by adding few drops of water in Aspirin tablet powder. How To Use, Wash your face and let it dry. Take A tip dip from paste and apply on a pimple. Apply paste on all pimples of your face by this method. Let it for overnight on pimples. At morning wash your face with normal water. This paste will work as a magic and soon you see pimples are going to remove. You can repeat this method once a week.

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