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How To Treat With Chapped Lips, Home Remedy

Chapped or cracked lips is very common in winter.Lips skin is most thinnest skin of human body.Lips skin have no pres or oil gland in it.The main reason of chapped lips is dryness.Dehydration, exposer in winter, lips licking, breathing through mouth,Vitamins and fat deficiencies in diet can make your lips chapped or cracked.In winter every second person face this problem.
To prevent from chapped lips you have to drink enough water, try to avoid lips exposer in winter season, Take breath through nose, avoid lips licking and check your diet plan to add vitamins and fat containing foods.

Remedy for chapped lips,

To treat chapped or cracked lips you need honey.

Honey have anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and

 healing qualities in it.This is the best treatment 
for chapped or cracked lips.

Apply honey directly on you chapped 

or cracked lips and let it dry.Avoid to lick honey from lips until completely 
dry.I know it is very difficult to avoid
 licking honey because honey is very 
tasty all the time.But you have to 
control yourself to get rid of chapped
 lips problem.

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